Adult Martial Arts Classes

We at the Jinenkan Dayton GiYU Dojo Are Here to Help You Achieve Your Goals.  

Adult classes are conducted in a classical Japanese format, in which we focus on developing and increasing martial skills in Kobudo.  Each class is taught in a non-competitive, relaxed, and friendly manner.  However, classes tend to be physical and emotionally demanding. 

We begin class with a review of the basics, such as Punching, Kicking, Grappling, Receiving, and Basic Techniques; all of which build a solid foundation on which you can grow your skill level.  Sensei Sandhu firmly believes that repeated practice of the basics in the best way to mastery


After, review of the basics, students receive personal instruction in kata (fight sequence simulation), kaeshi waza (counter techniques), henka (variation), weapons practice, and randori (sparring); all of which increases a students skill level dramatically.       

Our Martial Arts Training Encompasses 

We at the Jinenkan-Dayton Dojo challenge you to do something today that will give you greater self confidence and self esteem, the ability to protect yourself, those you love, and your community.  Martial Arts training will help you develop and keep a positive mental attitude and give you the best chance in life for success.  There is no better way to learn to defend yourself, stay in shape, have fun, meet people, lose weight, and relieve stress.  

We welcome you to attend any of our many classes.  Adult classes are held Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7:00pm to 9:00pm (Please refer with the schedule).                        

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to attend class or e-mail us at