About the Jinenkan-Dayton Gi-Yu Dojo

What is the Jinenkan?

 The Jinenkan™ was founded in 1996 by Master Teacher Fumio Unsui Manaka, who has over 40 years of experience in Kobudo (Japanese martial arts from the feudal period). He took the name Unsui ("independent seeker of enlightenment") as his Budo name when he founded the Jinenkan™. The sole purpose of the organization is to provide students with the opportunity to train directly with Unsui Sensei.  "Jinenkan" literally translated means "Hall of Nature" and represents Sensei's feeling of his martial art being like the natural flow of the elements...Just as the wind can pass around any obstacle and leave no trace, or alternately can destroy anything in its path. 


There are three symbols that represent the Jinenkan's philosophy; Unsui's Kanji, the Clouds and River, and the Green Leaves.  Unsui means clouds and water.  A Buddhist term used to describe a self-less monk who is seeking independent enlightenment.  Manaka Sensei believes martial arts should be like clouds and water, sometimes moving gently and slowly, and other times quickly and powerfully. 


The Clouds and River have three parts to them.  1. The cloud which has 3 layers.  2. The water which has 3 streams.  3. The Jinenkan Kanji.  This for a total of 9 items.  The number 9 has spiritual meaning in Japanese culture.  The kanji is "Un" "Sui", The same as sensei's "Unsui" warrior name. 


The double green leaves symbolize nature which relates to the Jinenkan (Natural school of movement) in that the character "Ji" in Jinenkan means nature.


What is the Jinenkan-Dayton Gi-Yu Dojo?

The Jinenkan™ Dayton Gi-Yu Dojo was established in the spring of 1997 by Unsui Sensei. It is the first official Jinenkan™ training hall in the United States. We have  members who study regularly. Though small in number, we are very dedicated to the Jinenkan™ and the fundamentals of Taijutsu training.  Dojo-Cho Sukh Sandhu is the Sensei (Head Teacher) of the Jinenkan-Dayton Dojo.  The Jinenkan-Dayton Dojo is a place where you can gain and increase your martial skills, gain the confidence to deal with any life situation, and develop your inner spiritual powers.

What is GI YU? 

                                       In 2004, Manaka Unsui Sensei honored us in giving our Dojo an official name.  He believes this name captures the character and spirit of our school.    He chose the name "GI YU", which translates as "Justice and Courage". 

GI (Justice) means to be completely honest with all people in all situations.  Belief of complete justice, not from any other person's opinion, but from your own.  There is no grey area in justice.  There is only right and wrong. 



YU (Courage) means to stand up when others back down.  To be above ordinary men.  To not be afraid to act.  A Budoka must have absolute heroic courage.  It is life or death, complete risk and complete danger.  This is not blind courage, it is absolute intelligence and strength.  Without courage, you are not truly living life completely. 




Who is Sukh Sandhu and Why is He Important To You?

Sukh Sandhu has trained in Kobudo for over 19 years achieving the rank of GoDan(5th Degree Black belt).  He is currently the only one in the World who holds this rank.  Sensei Sandhu has trained all those years under direct teaching of Shawn Havens and Kancho Fumio Manaka Unsui Sensei.  No other student has trained under Manaka Sensei longer than Sensei Sandhu.  He is currently Manaka Sensei's oldest student and one of the first and original Jinenkan instructors. Sensei Sandhu is currently the highest ranked instructor in the Jinenkan.  He has had the unique opportunity to live in various parts of the world as well as serve as a security consultant  in  both the public and private capacity.  Sensei Sandhu has used his training in potentially dangerous real life situations.  As a result, Sensei Sandhu is an excellent teacher and a powerful motivator who believes strongly in training on the fundamentals of  Taijutsu.  Without training in the fundamentals, Sensei Sandhu believes skill and growth in Taijutsu.  Sensei Sukh Sandhu believes in his heart that it is his responsibility to instruct as faithfully and clearly as possible, just as he has been taught by Manaka Sensei.       What we learn in class is to be carried outside of the dojo walls to be used in real life.  The things we learn are for all three aspects of life: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  That is how classes are taught at the  Jinenkan™Dayton Gi-Yu Dojo.   

How Can You Benefit From the Jinenkan-Dayton Gi-Yu Dojo?

If You Believe You Can......Then Come Visit Us At The Jinenkan-Dayton Gi-Yu Dojo! 

We offer regular weekly classes in both basic and intermediate skills, we offer additional weekend seminars, usually on a monthly basis. We make every effort to bring Unsui Sensei to the Dayton, Ohio area every chance we get..

In our basics class, we thoroughly instruct students in the primary skills of Taijutsu so that each student can learn the fundamentals of Budo. Because these skills are neither simple nor rudimentary, this class is designed for students of all levels, not for beginners only. It is only through regular practice of the basics that a student can progress in his or her training ability in Ninjutsu.

In the intermediate class, students increase their skill with instruction in henka (variation), kata (fight sequence simulation), kaeshi waza (counter techniques), weapons practice, and randori (sparring).

We are happy to assist you with any questions regarding our school or the Jinenkan™. Contact us directly via email by clicking here. Also, please visit the Jinenkan™ Honbu web site for articles and news directly from Unsui Sensei.